Monetary Donations

Many of the refugees arriving in Michigan come without even a bed to sleep on. We hope to provide these individuals with the essentials to assist them in beginning their new lives here in Ann Arbor. By donating money to MRAP, you will help fund groceries, household appliances, basic toiletries, furniture, and many more items imperative to individuals’ ability to sustain themselves. The majority of our donations will be given directly to Jewish Family Services, an organization that supports refugees by providing them with aforementioned necessities. Additionally, a small percentage of the money will cover MRAP's operational expenses, such as gas for volunteers and funds for education and advocacy initiatives on campus.


Total raised to date: $4,571

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In-Kind Donations


In addition to monetary donations, MRAP is also accepting in-kind donations from students on campus and people around the community. We are collecting any and all useable items. If you have something that you would like to donate please complete the following submission form. Before donating, please ask yourself if you would wear/use the item. Our goal is to provide these refugees with high-quality clothing and items. Thank you for your support!

Additionally, we are currently seeking the following items:

•    Television
•    Kitchen table
•    Television table/stand
•    Sheets: 2 queen sets, 2 king sets
•    Tweezers
•    Jackets (1 Small (male child), 1 Small (woman), 3               Mediums (male), 1 XL(male))
•    Standing lamp (for family room)
•    Body sponge
•    Shower rack
•    Detergent
•    Washer and dryer
•    Electric hair razor
•    Vacuum cleaner
•    Microwave

Name *
Phone Number
Phone Number
Pick Up Location
Pick Up Location
Please include the item name, size (if applicable), and the quantity of each item in the following format: 5 Winter Jackets (3S, 1L, 1XL)