2019-2020 Executive Board

Standing from left to right: Katie, Basil, Farah, Clara, Sumaya. Seated from left to right: Maryam, Soneida, Maryam, Ayah.

Standing from left to right: Katie, Basil, Farah, Clara, Sumaya. Seated from left to right: Maryam, Soneida, Maryam, Ayah.

Ayah Kutmah | Co-President

Ayah Kutmah is a senior at the University of Michigan double-majoring in International Studies and Political Science, with a focus on the Middle East. Born to Syrian parents and raised in Louisville, KY, she has been deeply affected by the Syrian crisis and the misperceptions surrounding refugees, Arabs, and Muslims.  Ayah co-founded (RE)vive, a refugee education initiative that seeks to break down the barriers to higher education by providing college preparatory and professional development skills to refugee students. She helped carry out their first workshop to Syrian refugee students in Istanbul and is currently overseeing its expansion to various refugee communities in Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Louisville. Ayah hopes to expand the scope of MRAP’s volunteering programs and advocacy to create a larger impact upon the university and local refugee communities.



Nisreen Khokhar | Co-Outreach coordinator

Nisreen Khokhar is a Junior majoring in History and International Studies with a special interest in gender studies and the Middle East. Her career in refugee policy began in her high school years with the Syrian Refugee crisis and aims to continue advocating for change through MRAP’s mission and community impact. She hopes to one day work in the field of international human rights law.



Farah chammaa | Education and Advocacy Co-Chair

Farah Chammaa is a Junior premed student at the University of Michigan. Growing up in Syria and witnessing effects of the refugee crisis first hand sparked her interest in supporting refugee causes. As Education and Advocacy co-chair, Farah coordinates teach-ins with groups on campus to better inform the public on global refugee issues. Her goal through MRAP is to challenge the false information and stigma surrounding refugee communities in the United States.



Basil AlSubee | Volunteer Coordinator (REVIVE)

Basil Alsubee is a Junior studying History, Political Science, and Global Media Studies. As a Syrian who grew up in an immigrant Syrian community in Saudi Arabia, Basil has always been passionate about contributing to refugee issues. Through MRAP, Basil coordinates workshops to make higher education and employment more accessible for refugees both locally and internationally.



Soneida Rodriguez | co- President

Soneida Rodriguez is a University of Michigan junior studying sociology with aspirations to study both medicine and law in graduate school. Over the last two years she has worked to promote MRAP’s mission through outreach, event coordination, and volunteer work. Her passion for advocating for refugees and asylum seekers stems from her deeply rooted belief in the human right to education, to just working conditions, and to seek asylum from persecution. She currently leads a biomedical project team dedicated to improving menstrual health for Peruvian women and Latin American asylum seekers. Soneida aspires to dedicate her life to transforming primary healthcare into a social movement. She aims to build healthcare systems that defend human rights, empower marginalized communities, and foster public health innovation.



Sumaya Tabbah | Co-Outreach coordinator

Sumaya is a Junior studying Political Science and History with a concentration in Russian Studies. She is interested in the study of autocracy and plans on pursuing a career in foreign relations and diplomacy. Through storytelling and extended dialogue, she hopes to foster an environment of growth that can be translated to the sphere of foreign relations.



katie Beekman | Education and Advocacy Co-chair

Katie is a Junior majoring in Sociology and American Culture at the University of Michigan. She Volunteers with SAPAC BICE and serves as a Change It Up facilitator. As Education and Advocacy co-chair she hopes t spread awareness on campus about the refugee crisis and educate students on the actions they can take to make a change.



Clara Munkarah | Volunteer Coordinator (Detroit)

Clara is one of MRAP’s volunteer coordinators and is a senior studying Organizational Studies with a Minor in Business and a Minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change. She intends to go to law school after graduation and work in the immigration sector.



Maryam Masood |Treasurer

Maryam Masood is a rising Sophomore planning to major in Economics with a minor in Spanish. She first became passionate about supporting refugee communities when she started helping her grandma with monthly food drive initiative for refugee and underprivileged families.